Principal's Welcome

ABC Blocks.png On behalf of the entire staff, we welcome you to the Hampstead Central School a school and community with a long tradition of providing quality education students in preschool through grade four.

It is our goal to give all students an opportunity to develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically to their highest potential. This goal can be achieved only if our school staff and families make a strong commitment to work together for the benefit of our students. Your involvement and positive support are important ingredients to help each child achieve success at the Hampstead Central School.

Hampstead Central School uses a Response to Intervention model to provide immediate academic support to children in need, rather than waiting for them to fail. Central School uses the Three Tier Reading model to provide additional reading intervention services to children in Kindergarten through grade two. This early remediation is provided by classroom teachers, reading teachers, Title I math, and special education teachers.

Children with special needs are an integral part of the regular education classrooms in Hampstead. Special education teachers collaborate regularly with classroom teachers to provide training and to communicate about the needs of the students. Classroom teachers also receive significant in-class support from special education teachers, therapists, and educational assistants. There is very little delineation between regular education and special education or within the various components of special education. Ideas and resources are shared freely and ownership of the students is shared. The special education philosophy is to be integrated, flexible, and proactive. This exemplifies the school’s philosophy that everyone is welcome, included, and provided with a high quality education.

This philosophy creates a school climate where every student is included and respected with students learning and supporting each other. It is this philosophy and commitment to giving all children a high quality education that makes Hampstead Central School a truly unique and special place to learn.

Welcome to Hampstead Central School!