The Hampstead Central School instructional program strives to provide a challenging, child-centered, educational experience for all students at all levels. The curriculum focuses on basic skills and is designed to be purposeful, motivational and fun. Decision making, problem solving and critical thinking are stressed. Children and faculty are encouraged to design integrated, holistic learning experiences that are experiential in nature. Safe, well-planned activities providing hands-on opportunities promote pride, valuable learning experiences, a sense of self worth, and an excitement about school. The goals of the Hampstead Central School are to:

  • instill in the students a strong sense of responsibility toward themselves and society
  • teach them the academic, intellectual and practical skills necessary to become productive members of society
  • encourage the pursuit of excellence in their endeavors

    The children will leave the Central School prepared for Middle School and the wider variety of experiences offered to preadolescents. The responsibility of the faculty, administration, and School Board members is to work cooperatively to develop and maintain a learning environment that fosters:
  • self-worth by encouraging personal achievement and the pursuit of excellence,
  • respect for society by developing sensitivity toward human relationships and recognition of the abilities, values and attitudes of others,
  • development of academic programs that are challenging and responsive to all students,
  • support of enrichment programs that encourage students to explore music, art, physical education and a variety of topics geared to the talents of individual students.
  • the provision of a free and appropriate public education in compliance with applicable federal and state laws for all educationally handicapped students.

    The parents are responsible for providing a home environment that is conducive to learning and studying and is responsive, supportive and respectful of the student's academic, physical and emotional needs. The school program supports the values of a democratic society and fosters cooperative learning. Children learn how to communicate, problem solve and practice higher level thinking skills. Communication with families is on-going and the community supports the program. Programs are reevaluated regularly and revised as needed.

The Central School instructional program fosters growth and success. Competent, confident, happy children measure our success.