TriPod Survey

TriPod Survey 2018
Posted on 11/29/2018

November 28, 2018

Hello Hampstead Parents,

You are receiving this email, as you have a child in either Hampstead Central or Hampstead Middle School.       1st - 8th grade students will be completing the academic Tripod Survey during the first week of December to voice their perspectives about the teaching and learning taking place in their classrooms.  No student names or personally identifiable information will be collected. This survey was selected as one means of measuring the schools’ culture and climate, a component of the 2015-2020 Hampstead School District Strategic Plan goal of promoting a positive school culture.

This survey was developed by Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson of Harvard University in 2001: "Tripod" refers to three “legs” of quality teaching: content, pedagogy and relationships. Tripod was the only student survey studied and validated by the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project completed in 2013 which was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Below is additional  information about this survey.

WHAT is the focus of the Tripod Survey?

  • The approximate 30 minute online survey for 1st-8th grade students addresses students’ experiences in relation to the 7 Cs of effective teaching that impact student achievement, engagement, and motivation:

  • Care: the teacher shows concern and commitment

  • Captivate: the teacher inspires curiosity and interest

  • Challenge:  the teacher presses for rigor and persistence

  • Clarify: the teacher cultivates understanding and helps students to overcome confusion

  • Classroom Management: the teacher sustains order, respect, and focus

  • Confer: the teacher invites and promotes discussion

  • Consolidating Knowledge: the teacher helps students connect and integrate content

  • A small sampling of student background items is included at the conclusion of the academic survey.  These questions allow Tripod to capture trends in school experiences and to compute sores that are normed based on comparable classrooms across the country.  They are used for internal purposes only and not included in the teacher and school reports. Questions are general and are related to the student’s grade in school, language spoken at home, availability of technology in the home, and literary materials in the home, etc.  Students will answer 8-15 demographic question and may skip a question if they choose to do so.

HOW do teachers and principals receive the survey results?

  • Each teacher receives anonymous student feedback of the 7 C’s based upon the student responses which a teacher may use to reflect upon and improve his/her teaching practices.  

  • Administrators receive school-wide results to be shared with staff and used for school action plan

  • These results will serve as an important tool for improving teaching and learning in Hampstead.

  • At no time can students be identified through their responses.


WHEN will the survey be administered?

  • We have a tentative schedule to administer the surveys next week.

    • HCS - December 5&6

      • 1st- 4th grade students in their classroom

      • 4th grade students in one Unified Arts class.

    • HMS - December 6

      • 5th-8th grade students in one grade level core class

      • 7th grade students in one Unified Arts class.  


HOW will the results be used?

  • School results will help to identify areas for targeted improvement and to develop goals for annual school action plans.

  • Grade level teams will discuss teaching strategies and effective practices that focus on 7C components.

  • Teachers may set personal goals based on individual results and self-select professional development to support continuous improvement.


HOW can a parent learn more about the survey?

  • If a parent has a question, please contact your building principal.  

  • We can show sample survey questions upon request.

  • If a parent chooses not to have a child complete the survey, contact the building principal.


Have a wonderful day,

Dillard Collins, Principal of Hampstead Central School (329-6326 x1103)

Maria Di Nola, Principal of Hampstead Middle School (329-6743 x2103)