Parent Information Page

Welcome to Mrs. Russell’s 

First Grade Classroom

Parent Guide

I will keep this here for the entire year!


- Mrs. Russell’s email: Email or Seesaw messaging are my preferred methods of communication. I will respond within 24 hours or on Sunday night after the weekend.

- Visit the HCS website for a link to our classroom webpage. 

- Please use the handout in the blue SNAIL mail folder to sign up for the Seesaw app. I will use Seesaw to send home the majority of my classroom communication. 

Daily Supplies:

- 1 snack every day

- Water bottle to travel back and forth every day

- S.N.A.I.L. mail blue folder 

S.N.A.I.L. mail folder (Schoolwork, Notes and Important Letters):

Your child will bring home a blue SNAIL mail folder every day. Please check all pockets (both the inside and the back) and send it back to school the next day.

Classroom Rules:

1 I will follow directions quickly and the first time. 

2 I will wait my turn to talk.

3 I will be kind and polite.

4 I will have self-control (for everyone’s safety and right to learn).

5 I will work hard.

Toys from home: I am going to ask you to support the school rule that no toys or personal items come to school unless told otherwise. This is to minimize lost or broken personal items, as well as to prevent distractions. 


We have 19 students in our classroom as we start the year. Please email me ahead of time to discuss sending in a birthday treat for your child. A notice will be coming home about any classroom allergies within the first week of school. If you send in birthday invitations for a party outside of school please tell your child Mrs. Russell will put them in folders. Please include the child’s last name or initial on the invitation to avoid confusion. 

Important Times of our Day: 

HCS school hours: 9:00 start – 3:25 dismissal

1st Grade Lunch: - 11:50-12:15 - Please join your first grader during their lunch time whenever possible for Lunch Buddies! Just sign in at the office!

Dismissal Notes:

Your child will be checking their SNAIL mail folder as a part of their morning routine every day. It is best to send in one note on Monday with your child’s dismissal schedule for the entire week or use If you are having anyone other than the regular person pick up your child i.e. neighbor, grandparent, babysitter, etc. or if your child will be going on a different bus you MUST notify the school. It is helpful if you write my name, the date, and your child’s full name on the paper to help the office keep track. 

Unified Arts: 2:30-3:10    (Our weekly library time is TBD)







Art (dress to possibly get messy)






I am so excited for a fantastic year! Please do not hesitate to ask me questions if they come up! – Mrs. Russell