Physical Fitness Testing

Running Push up Pull Up

Physical Fitness Testing - Grade 3 and 4

Starting in March 2013 the 3rd and 4th grade student will be participating in the Hampstead Central School Physical Fitness Challenge.

The students will be tested in:

Curl-Ups (Abdominal Strength)

Sit & Reach (Flexibilty)

One Mile Run (Heart & Lung Endurance)

Pacer Test (Endurance & Speed)

Pull-Ups & Push Ups (Upper Body Strength)

Hampstead Central School has implemented a fitness testing program called Hampstead Physical Fitness Challenge. We have combined elements of the Physical Best and Presidential Physical Fitness programs to create an effective tool for helping students recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their personal fitness. Scores in the Silver range represent adequate to good fitness while scores in the Gold range represent very good to superior fitness. Our hope is to have students strive to reach the Silver level in each component areas (strength, flexibility and endurance). The goal of the overall program is to help students develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that lead to physically active, healthy lifestyles. All results will be sent home at the end of testing.