Bat Boxes | 2017
During the school year of 2016-2017, I was lucky enough to receive the
Gorham Grant again for work towards providing bat habitats on our school grounds.  
With the funds received, I was able to purchase 5 bat boxes, along with 
picture books to support education and awareness surrounding the 
importance of bats in our ecosystem.
I also used this opportunity as a STEAM collaboration with my students.  
They researched bats, examined different bat boxes, built a model bat box 
and also created a movie using a "make-a-movie" tool in BrainPop.  
We got to witness one of our bat boxes being hung.
Now we just wait to see if we get any visitors.

Photo of news article: Bat Habitats: Hampstead Central School students watch as maintenance staff member Paul Ott hangs backyard bat boxes produced by Heather Burkett's fourth grade class. Their Bat Box project, funded by the Hampstead Garden Club, earned Burkett's class one of this year's Gorham Awards. In working on this project, the students gained a wide range of knowledge about the bats and their need for the boxes in order to raise their families and live in warm climates and as their habitats diminish. They also learned about the life cycles of animals. The project, according to the kids and Burkett, involved building five backyard bat boxes which they had Ott hang, some in the trees at the bottom of the school playground hill and one near their classroom trailer. this will allw the studnets access to the boxes for observation. The bat box kits came and the kids used the cardboard they arrived in to make prototypes which were hung on the classroom wall. Photo by Penny Williams.