School Supplies & Donations
Here you will find our classroom school supply list and donation list.
Our supply list is fairly small . My goal is to make getting ready for the new school year as easy as possible for you by reusing supplies I already have and utilizing the resources within the school.

  1. 1 small, hand-held sharpener that will be shared with the class throughout the school year.
  2. 2 composition books (no spirals - 100 sheets)
  3. 1 framed family photo (no bigger than 5x7). Please do NOT send loose photos.  These will be placed on display in the classroom for the entire school year and returned during the last week of school.  
  4. 1 inch white binder with front cover sleeve (The kind that you can slip a piece of paper into the front cover)
  5. Personal Earbuds (Please place in a ziplock bag labeled with first & last name. Please no large headphones or bluetooth - just regular earbuds.)


  • Ziplock baggies (all sizes accepted)
  • Baby wipes (for quick and easy, non-toxic cleanup)
  • Clorox Wipes (or a more natural version like Seventh Generation, Method, etc.)
  • Easy to care for plants to cleanse the air and for us to care for throughout the year (pothos, ivy, peace plants, etc.)
  • Soft tissues
  • Sidewalk chalk for recess (especially those days when it's "hot-top only")