What Can We Do at Home?
Activities To Do with Your Preschooler

Counting, pre-reading, language, science, and physical skills are all developed as parents play with their preschool children. The use of ordinary household items make these activities easy as well as fun!

  • Read aloud to your child every day
  • Sing and Dance (Sing a few familiar songs together with your child. As you sing march, clap your hands, or stamp your feet in time to the music.)
  • Counting, Counting, and More Counting
  • Draw Together
  • Outdoor Fun

Some tips to help promote literacy at home:

  • Choose a quiet time for reading to your child
  • Choose a special place for family reading
  • Let your child select the book for you to read aloud.
  • Hold the book so that he/she can see the pictures. If possible, also let him/her turn the pages.
  • Take time to look at and talk about the pictures. Don't just read the story, talk about it.
  • Let your child point out letters, shapes, colors, and familiar objects.
  • Invite your child to read to you. A pre-readers will often tell a story using the illustrations and his/her imagination.
  • Read! Don't expect reading to be important to your children if they see that it's not important to you.

It's snowing and the schools are closed.  Here are some fun activities to do with your preschooler...
Play in the snow
*Draw a picture
*Read a story
*Play a board or card game
*Bake cookies
*Be dramatic (put on a puppet show; dress-up; build a fort with blankets; have a tea party; dance)
*Snowy Day Yoga with Kate Kretschmer (Mrs. Kretschmer is a 3rd grade teacher at HCS.  She is also the owner of OmMamaYoga.com.) 

Snow Day Yoga

Gentle Reminders

*Please call the main office (329-6326 x4) if your child is going to be absent.

*Please let us know, in writing, if your child will be picked up from school by someone other than yourself. The person who is picking up your son/daughter will be asked to show identification.

Please send one snack and drink to school each day.

Children should wear sneakers or shoes with rubber soles. For safety reasons, we ask that your child not wear sandals, crocs, or flip flops!

Please do your best to encourage your child to leave his/her toys at home. Sharing toys that have been brought from home is often more difficult for children at this age. Some children also prefer to play with their own toys rather than get involved with the activities/centers available in the classroom.

*The playground is bright with no shade. You may want to send a hat or sunglasses for your child. Please be sure to label it.

Snow Day Yoga