Daily Schedule
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A Day in Kindergarten

Arrival/Morning Work
Attendance, parent notes and bus changes are addressed at this time.

Students complete their morning jobs- signing in, answering the Question of the Day and making hot/ cold lunch choices.

Students will also be practicing skills that have been taught with a morning work activity. As the year progresses we will add a variety of reading and math review activities.


Morning Meeting  

Our morning meeting is a wonderful way to start the day! It helps students build connections with one another and encourages them to develop into caring and kind class members.  It is a time where students develop a sense of belonging and have fun! During the Morning Meeting, we start with a greeting, share special news from home, participate in a fun group activity (movement/ song) and end with reading the Morning Message.



This is our core literacy instructional block.  During this time, students receive direct instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency words and other early reading skills. New skills are introduced during this period.


Literacy Centers

Students work in small groups to complete literacy tasks.  Literacy centers involve many age- appropriate materials designed for kindergarteners- Playdoh stampers, letter tiles/ magnets, white boards, MagnaDoodles, games, puzzles, iPads, etc. Individual/ small group literacy instruction also takes place during this time.




Read Aloud

Handwriting, Science, Social Studies, Journal Writing

Lunch/ Recess (11:15-12:15)

Rest Time

Calendar                                                We learn many math and language skills within the context of our calendar. We build our oral language, phonics, and phonemic awareness. Math skills include counting and number sense, counting to 100 by 10’s, counting on, place value, graphing, one to one correspondence and much more. 

This is our core math instructional block.  During this time, students receive direct instruction in Envisions math concepts- counting and cardinality, beginning addition and subtraction, numbers to 100, place value, measurement, shapes and classifying data. New skills are introduced during this period. 

Math Centers                                           
Students work in small groups to complete math tasks. These tasks are highly engaging, so students LOVE them!  Math center materials include dominoes, dice, teddy bear counters, ten frames, shapes, cubes, etc. Individual/ small group math instruction also takes place during this time.


Afternoon Recess

Developmental Centers
Developmental centers or free choice time is one of the favorite times of the day. Because five and six year-olds learn through play- it is a relaxed and fun way to end the day. These centers feature educational and fun materials designed to allow free choice activity, social interaction and skills practice.  Some of our most important goals for kindergarten are that everyone learns how to get along, to be a good friend and to develop a sense of community in the classroom. Developmental centers activities include the coloring box, stencils, puzzles, dollhouse, kitchen, Playdoh, Legos, blocks, pattern blocks, Lincoln Logs and much more.

Shared Reading

This is an interactive reading activity where students join in or share the reading of a poem, book, or other text.


Dismissal (3:25)

Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Spanish, Music  

Wednesday: Spanish, Art

Thursday: Spanish, Gym 

Friday: Gym