What Can We Do at Home?
Homework Recommendations:
Monday - Thursday only: Students are expected to read a book at their reading level for 15-20 minutes nightly, practice the current spelling list in any way they choose, and do Reflex Math or flashcards to practice math facts 4 times a week.  Visit the "Useful links" section on this webpage for quick access to Reflex Math, Spelling City, and other useful links to use at home!

Reading at home is so important! Research shows that time spent reading is the greatest factor in becoming a better reader.  So, share-read with your child, read to your child, listen to your child reading out loud... ask them questions about what they read, discuss favorite characters and settings, compare the book to a movie or real life, read joke books, comic books, graphic novels, cereal boxes, poetry... anything to share a love of reading!  A family read-aloud book is a great way to encourage reading and discussing books at home.

Students write down weekly homework and spelling words in their student planners on Monday (or the first day of school) of each week.  Please sign their student planner each Monday night! If a special project is assigned, a letter will go home explaining it with due dates.  Math workbook pages are also sent home several times a week so that parents can see what students are working on in class, and may choose to work on unfinished pages at home for extra practice.  The class completes a math practice test together at the end of every topic that will also be sent home to review before the topic test.

Fun ideas to practice spelling words:
*  Write words in rainbow colors.
*  Write words in chalk on chalkboard or outside, or on a dry erase board.
*  Draw words in shaving cream on a tray.
*  Enter words on the free website - spellingcity.com, then play a spelling game.
*  Write words in ABC order.
*  Spell words out loud, bouncing a ball after each letter.
*  Pyramid write words like this: