What Can We Do At Home? (optional)

Many parents ask, “What can I do at home?”

The School Board has developed a policy about homework. As a result of that policy, we recommend children practice skills like reading and math facts at home to foster acquisition of these foundational skills. This is not a requirement. Occasionally, parents ask about what they can work on at home. We’ve attached some fun ways to practice. Parents also ask what is appropriate reading material for first graders so we may occasionally send “just right” books home that you are welcome to have your child read to you.

In the back of your child’s SNAIL folder will be a list of the current sight words for the unit we are working on.

Counting and number games are great activities also. 

  • what comes before, after, between

  • greater or less

  • Counting on fingers is a developmental skill and tool that should be honored